Rjukan offers a unique combination of Norwegian industry and war history, and possibilities for a multitude of activities in nature. If you prefer the great experiences in nature, or want to immerse yourself in culture or history, Rjukan is the place to experience more, all through the year. Rjukan is one of Norway`s most visited destinations, and Gaustatoppen and Vemork are some of the most visited attractions in Norway. If you`re only here for a day, or you`re planning a longer stay, Rjukan has something to offer you.

Below we have listed some og the activities and happenings you can experience in Rjukan.

Sunset over Gaustatoppen mountain and nature



The ski season at Gausta lasts from December to April. With a total of 13 lifts and 35 slopes, the area has skiing experiences for everyone. Here you will find a ski and snowboard school, private lessons, alpine slopes of varying degrees of difficulty, a snow park with rails, and off-piste. From the city enter of Rjukan you can take the mountain buss up to Gausta. The bus departs 5 times a day.

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Every year we celebrate the sun`s return to Rjukan. The tradition of Solfesten has lasted since 1925. There are pageants and parades in the streets of Rjukan and along the route both locals and visitors gather. The yearly award Solprins/Solprinsesse and Solbarn are named, and Solprisen is awarded to someone who “through their actions and behavior has spread sunshine and joy to the Norwegian people”. Prizes are also awarded for the best costume.

Solfesten 2023 lands on 22. April and with us you live right in the center of the festivities.

The sun over the mountains.


From July 11th to 17th we’re ready for this year’s Rjukan Food Festival at Rjukan Town Square. Vendors serve local food and drinks, bringing you the taste of Tinn and Telemark!

There will be good food and drinks, activities for children, and events in the evening. You can walk from booth to booth, look at the wide selection and find a seat in the Town Square to enjoy the sights, sounds, and good food among flowers, live music and good company.

Entry to the exhibition area is free every day, og there are tickets on sale for the events in the evening.

If you need a room to stay and, we sell hotel packages, including a stay at our hotel and entrance to the evening events either Friday and/or Saturday.

Contact us to book your room.

People gathered at Rjukan Food Festival on the town square


Marispelet by the Rjukan waterfalls is the summers most beautiful love story, described as one of Norway’s best plays. A Norwegian historical, musical play on the edge of the gorge, where the audience will experience the gripping love story of the headstrong rich girl Mari, and the poor boy, Eystein.

Marispelet is based on the saga of Mari, written down by among others author Henrik Anker Bjerregaard (1792-1842) in 1822, and has been played at Krokan since 2005. Will be played from July 21st to 23rd.

Marispelet now collaborate with us at Rjukan Hotell to offer a few exclusive VIP tickets. The VIP offer includes reserved seats at Marispelet either Thursday July 21st or for the last show on Saturday July 23rd, with a guided tour during the bus transport to the show, and delicious food at Rjukan Hotell.

Live image from the musical play.


At Vemork museum you’ll experience both the industry and war history which has shaped Rjukan as a city and gotten them on UNESCOs World Heritage list. Vemork was the scene of one of Norway’s most important sabotage missions during World War 2, when Norwegian saboteurs hindered the Germans in developing nuclear weapons by using the heavy water produced here.

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Gaustatoppen offers excursions and activities both in the summer and the winter. 1833 meters above sea level Gaustatoppen gives you the widest view in southern Norway. In clear weather you can see approximately one sixth of Norway.

You can start your hike from the parking by Stavro at 1100 meter above sea level. The height difference is 700 meters, but the path is wide and well-marked. This hike is suited for everyone, including families with children.

An alternative route is from Selstali, where you can climb the top for the North-West. This is a longer hike but just as beautiful. Approximately four hours up and three hours down. This hike is suited for more experience and exercised hikers.

On the top of the mountain, you`ll find Gaustatoppen Tourist Cabin. The cabin is built in 1893 of natural stone from the mountain. The inside is newly renovated and houses a small cafè where you can get coffee, soda, hot dogs and waffles.

Sunset over Gaustatoppen mountain and nature


On the first Saturday of September Kjerringsveiven is arranged. A 12-kilometre-long mountain hike, only for women.

The hike starts at Rjukan Fjellstue. Then it takes you up along the edge of Hardangervidda with the most beautiful view towards, among other things, Gaustatoppen. The hike continues in different terrain towards the finish line at Gvepsborg. There is no time limit on the hike and along the way there are elements of entertainment, spa, and other surprises.

The festivities continue in Rjukan city center after completing the tour. Why not plan a girl`s trip with accommodation and a great culinary experience at Rjukan`s new city hotel.


If you want an easier trip up to Gaustatoppen, you can take the Gaustabanen tramway up to Gaustatoppen Tourist Cabin. What was once a sealed NATO facility now makes Gaustatoppen accessible to everyone. Here you can book private tours, history and dining experiences. Gaustabanen also arranges guided tours inside the NATO facility inside the mountain.

Opening hours and prices can be found here


Fotspor is a tour organized every other year in the World Heritage. It has become a popular tradition after being arranged only three times. What you will get on the tour is impossible to know. The public meets at the starting point and joins the journey. At the end of the tour, you will come to a folk festival. Save the date and join the tour. Fotspor will be held in May 2024.

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The Viking Challenge is a unique uphill race where you can choose between three distances adapted to your ambitions, form, and experience. The race was organized for the first time in 2014. The organizer is setting a cap of 800 participants because the focus is on giving all participants a unique experience. The Viking Challenge challenges everything from families and exercisers to the fittest mountain goats, with different distances that all finishes at Gaustahytta at the top of the mountain.

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People on the starting line for the Viking Challenge


HelteRittet is organized by TelemarkHelten and is a bicycle race with various routes for adults and children. The race is 110 km in terrain, mostly on dirt roads. We cross several places on the saboteur`s escape route. The entire descent to Rjukan follows their escape route. Join Norway`s most beautiful and spectacular cycle race from Rjukan, over Hardangervidda, and back to Rjukan. With us, you are at the center of the festivities.


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